“Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.”  Psa. 119:160.

“For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works are done in truth.” Psa 44:3

This is my effort to expose the lies taught about God’s word, the Bible, which overlay the entire earth, and grow like a cancer.  All truth comes from the Scriptures of God, and as God is the Creator of all, the Most High, and the Great I AM, the Scriptures must be our standard.  The Bereans were using the scriptures to check Paul’s teaching. (Acts 17:11)

The posts begin at the bottom right margin with scriptural evidences for the first century A.D. fulfillment of the OT prophesies in the series It’s Not The End of The World – Parts I – X.   If you have not yet heard these evidences from the scriptures it would be best to start with Part I of this series and work up through the rest of the posts.

I promise to faithfully state the scriptures, to the best of my ability, but all readers beware.  I am only the created of God, and am not perfect.  Please check the Bible to see if what I have written is so!

Because of their fear, the Hebrew teachers, rabbis, and scribes played games with God’s name.  All we can know of His name is the tetragrammaton YHWH (or YHVH), which some people pronounce as “Yahweh”, or others as “Yahoveh”.   As the rabbis and scribes deliberately inserted vowel markers from “Elohim” and “Adonai”, I do not have any assurance that either of the two pronunciations are correct, but I do favor the latter “Yahoveh”.

I will refer to God by several of His appellations found in His word: our Heavenly Father, the Most High, our Creator, the great I AM, or others.  In all instances I am always referring to the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, and Moses.

The King James Version of 1611 is still one of the few translations in the English language of the original Hebrew and Greek texts which is reliable for not only the meaning of the words but their connotations in most cases.   The errors that are known can be identified by cross checking with either Young’s Literal Translation, or the American Standard.  I highly recommend reading both the King James and Young’s in tandem.

Whereas all translations have a few errors from the original texts, a few are so egregious they are recognizable as having underlying agendas to promote particular interpreted beliefs and world views, and the lies which this work will highlight.  Therefore those versions cannot be considered a source of God’s truth.  Some of those translations are the NIV, the Scofield Reference Bible, and the Catholic bibles.  In a search for what the Bible really says, it is best to use only the translations tested through time.

All of the definitions and “codes” of the New Testament and the prophesy of Revelation are found in the Old Testament.  As no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation (II Pet 1:20), we will rely upon the clarity of God’s word, checking between both Old and New Testaments to test our understanding.  We will not do as so many have, and twist God’s word to suit our beliefs or desires.  We will not parse, remove from context, pass judgment on, or delete or add to God’s word.

This work will stand on God’s word, and use His truth to shred the veil of lies spread around the world.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. ybrok reffahs

    Hi, just to note, in observing the Gathering of the Elect at ” Excerpt from Benson Commentary on Matt. 24:3-5,” where “See especially Hebrews 9:36; and 1 Corinthians 10:11.” should read Hebrews 9:26 not 9:36.


  2. J.

    Dear Gina,

    I most confess that althought I am not sure of God’s existence (I am in the searching of truth), I am grateful to found such a wonderful website, which surely help me in clear many of my doubts. Also, I strongly would recommend you to write a book about all the information and knowledge that you have collected. Would you mind to share any e-mail where can I contact you?

    Best regards.


    1. Gina

      Dear J, you can email me at adamoj55@yahoo.com. There are many good books written on the evidences of the existence of God, both internal from the scriptures, and external from secular history. I highly recommend the work at ApologeticsPress.org for the Existence of God at ApologeticsPress. Thank you for the comments. Best, Gina.


  3. Monica Tan

    Hi Gina,
    I’m so glad to read all abt what is the truth. It took me some time to get out of the futuristic view of Revelations. But has all of Revelations happened already? Even where Satan is thrown into the lake of fire?


    1. Yes, “..the diablos (devil) the [one] deceiving them was cast into the lake of fire…” Rev. 20:10 Interlinear. The trick is to know how the word “diablos” and / or “satan” is used in the original Gr & Heb. These words in the original languages are not names; they are job functions. Any one that deceived the ppl, or stood against God was an enemy or adversary.
      The word “diablos” means literally a slanderer, false accuser, or deceiver. There were many false accusers, and one who was deceiving the ppl in the 1st century AD. We often discuss who that “one” was and some center on the high priest of the sanhedrin who denied Jesus as the Messiah. But, which specific one is hard to determine as we are 2,000 years removed from the 1st cent. AD, and the written records we have offer multiple choices. God knows.

      The word “satan” in the Hebrew is “ha satan” or “the adversary”. Any one standing against God, mostly those worshiping idols, were adversaries. Jerome capitalized “satan” when translating the Septuagint into the Latin Vulgate. It is not that way in the original Heb.

      We do not say “the Joe”, or “the Mike”, or “the Bill” when speaking of individual ppl or things. We do say “the doctor”, or “the nurse”, or “the judge”, etc. “ha satan”, the adversary was not a name. It was a title of anyone that was opposed to Jesus Christ and the apostles / disciples.

      There have been many adversaries throughout the ages / centuries who stood against God. But the Angel of the Lord called Himself “ha satan” (the adversary) who stood against Balaam and his donkey in Num. 22:22.

      The correct way to view the diablos / devil of Rev. 20 is of the deceiver that operated, or was present in that time working against God and His Son, and His “ecclesia.” That adversary and deceiver was judged and thrown into the “lake of fire.”


    1. Welcome! Let me know if you have a particular question in mind, Daniel. I’ve discussed many topics on this blog, and it may be that I could direct you to a particular post that has already addressed it. If not, I’ll do my best to write one that will.


  4. Irma C.

    Hi, Gina! I found your website when you commented on Don K. Preston’s Olivet Discourse. It’s a treasure! All praises to Abba Yah!


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